Thanksgiving, Among Other Things What We're Grateful For in 2016


Giving thanks in 2016 is one of the most thankless, for lack of a better word, tasks that one could be subjected to. This is the same year that made one of the most obnoxious, bigoted and hated politicians of recent times, arguably, the most powerful man in the world. This is the same year that forced us to say goodbye to legends who’ve influenced us to become better versions of ourselves, from David Bowie to Ahmed Zewail.

In the Middle East, Egypt faced one of the biggest economic downturns in recent memory after the government devalued its currency and removed some subsidies on basic services, Lebanon went another year without a president and with chaos reigning supreme in the gorgeous country, Syria suffered another year of its heinous civil war, and terrorism and fanaticism continued to spread around the region at unprecedented rates. It’s pretty hard not to think of the world as a shitty place in 2016.We know too much, see too much and hear too much to think of it in a different light. Our relentless pursuit of knowledge helped us forget how painful the truth really is and how ignorance is truly bliss. But hey, you know what else is bliss? Being thankful!

It’s pretty hard not to be completely consumed by all the hate and drama that are continuously swirling around us and truly notice how privileged we really are to be leading the life that we do. And yes, that includes people from all levels of society. Like, we’re the first generation to be able to record any particular moment that we want to embed in our memories through a device that we could carry in our pockets. Do we ever stop to appreciate that? No, we don’t. In fact, we often forget to appreciate the data that we’ve stored on our phones for the sole purpose of future appreciation. We’re the first generation of people to have the capability to visit any place that we want to on this beautiful little planet of ours. We’re the first generation of people to be able watch anything and everything from the comfort of our own beds. We’re a generation in complete control of our fate through the highest life expectancy rate in history, allowing us to be able to hate on life for even longer if we so please. Heck, we could even resuscitate people now; how awesome is that? We could live longer, love better and entertain ourselves more. Somehow, though, we’re more content with hating on all of the things that rise to the fore.  The world is smaller but our brains are bigger. It’s time for us to begin recognising that.

So, if you ask us about what Thanksgiving in 2016 means to us, we’d say that it’s somehow becoming even more important than ever. It’s the one day on the calendar that forces people to ignore all the negatives and focus on the positives instead; and that’s all that really matters: to know, if just for once, that there are things to be thankful for, that life isn’t as bad as we clandestinely trick ourselves to believe and that as long as we have loved ones by our side, it’ll all be alright somehow. Life has become all about finding thanks to give; and in 2016, Thanksgiving Day is our one chance to stuff our minds with thank yous that have been wrapped up for way too long. For that, the only thing that we could say to the holiday is “thank you.”

Plus, Black Friday is awesome, and is apparently coming to the Middle East under a “White Friday” label, because hey, why not!? #Yolo.

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